Audio and Video about  PSSM research


Series of Seminars on muscle disease in horses by Dr. Molly McCue of the University of Minnesota (July 2020):
Part 1: Introduction muscle disease in horses: 
Part 2: PSSM
Part 3: RER & MFM:
Part 4: HYPP & IMM:

Podcast by Paul Szauter, Chief Science Officer of EquiSeq, about PSSM type 1 and 2 (2020):

Presentation by Prof. Stephanie Valberg about PSSM (2017, about PSSM type 1 and 2):


Scientific Research


University of Minnesota:
University of Michigan:

Currently, the University of Minnesota is doing a worldwide research into muscle diseases in horses. You can participate in the study, also from Europe. See




Animal Genetics in Florida USA (PSSM1 en IMM):
Laboklin in Germany (PSSM1 and IMM):
EquiSeq (myopathy panel; not from Europe, this is done by Generatio/CAG): 
Center for Animal Genetics/Generatio in Germany (not linked to Animal Genetic in Florida!) (PSSM1, PSSM2/Myopathie panel, IMM)):


Social Media


American Facebook Forum on PSSM: 
Facebook page specialising in how to manage horses with PSSM:
acebook page for PSSM and MFM Awareness: